Work at the forge

Starting the forge

Mirrors Mouse


Elegant, practical and functional
culminates at 2000 ht/800 lmm

Decorative mirrors

Each with a size of 20 x 20 cm

Outdoor Sculpture

Highlighting of a double exterior vault and elevation along the façade. With each glance, a new detail appears. Thanks to Claire and Michel for their warm welcome.



Office furniture

Office furniture metal and wood

60 cm x 170 cm

Horloge Sinueuse

Work to hang, made of chestnut wood, with an old piece of green mirror in its center


Decorative handrail

Handrail representing wild grass

Lancinant Mensonge

Realization around a pebble, in the shape of a heart, pivoting on its axis and entwined by 7 round irons
Sculpture outdoor/indoor – 400ht/400lmm


300 mm / 160 mm


620 mm / 400 mm

Windshield support for the restoration of a classic car, a Delaunay

Handrail, woman lying down

Visage du Monde

270 mm / 200 mm